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Soldering irons are these hand tools that are used to form a bond between two electronics components or an electronic component and the board to which it is soldered. Though  quite popular  in electrical and electronic fields , they became a key tool for hobbyists and Do-it-yourselfers these past decades.

A soldering iron consist of a heating region and an insulated handle. The working principle of this tool is relatively simple: When a current pass through a high resistant material, heat is produced. This heat is therefore use to melt down the iron wire used to electrically connect electronics components when it cools.

This is an useful guide on how to make a good solder joint.

There are a wide range of soldering kits available in the market today. But before we dive into this review, we though is essential to break down which tools  the best  soldering iron kits must have and what are they used for.

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