Little known ways to child proof electrical outlets

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little known ways to childproof electrical outlets

Children are not definitively tired to taste everything with their mouth . They always explore every single object they come across with . Receptacles are one of the most popular tools that they used to play with. A large percentage of injuries today resulting from outlets involve burns. But for young children, a burn can become a serious issue. Their skins are not enough resistant to the electric flow that passes through.  Electricity is not  a joke and playing with it , is like opening a Pandora’s box of serious injuries like electrical  burns,  electrocution, lethal emergency, etc. Electrical Safety  is important at homes especially when you have kids .So It’s better to put good strategies in place to avoid such mishaps.
Safety precautions change over the years; for example: conventional long sockets plastic covers that were “The Electrical baby proofing method “many years ago, are no more. They were hard to remove for both babies and parents. There are many easy to remove solutions available today which are inexpensive. So always check for the last updated  baby proofing methods . Consultants are the leading sources, but there are many websites and blogs that will help you in that process. Follow this link to know more.
 Which electrical for baby proofing :

The protection that you will provide depends on the type of receptacle that you have . The following are the most important places  where a baby proofing is required:

1.Receptacles and outlets : especially those which are not more than 5.5 feet from the floor. almost every parent think about it when it comes to child  proof electrical outlets.  Every babies in this world like inserting objects in receptacles. By doing so, our babies come  into  contact with electricity and this can  quickly become  the worst moment of the day.

Below are some  solutions to this problem:

  • Tamper resistant receptacles:

             If you are living in a new home(since 2009), chances are tamper resistant receptacles are already installed. It is a  smart solution to avoid child electrocution. Children cannot insert foreign objects into it because the slots  will remain close . This type of receptacles will be only  open  if there is a simultaneous pressure made by the prongs of the plugs. So, no simultaneous pressure=no opening of the socket. And since your child cannot poke objects simultaneously into outlet, he is safe. I strictly recommend this solution because it is very efficient in the long term . you will never worry about  receptacles caps that can get lost when you remove them.It is better to call an electrician to make that installation. You will find more about tamper resistant receptacle here. They are also affordable and you can replace your standard receptacle by a tamper resistant one for only $2.

             Price: start at $10 each.

  • Cover receptacles:

cover receptacle

They  became very popular over the past decades. Made in different shapes and types , they are more friendly for children than resistant tamper receptacles. They are made in plastic, sit on outlets , are easy to install and there is no  need to look after them at every moment. If you want to plug  an appliance in , simply slide the cover across the slots of the receptacles . It will snap back into  its initial position .

              Price: $12.99 (06 pack)  available here:

  • Outlets caps:

outelts caps

This is the cheapest option. They are made in plastic and are easy to remove. What I like the most with this one, it is the aesthetic. It looks very nice and baby friendly. The principal downside for me is the lack of practical use. If you want to plug an appliance into the socket you need to remove the cover. You can therefore have 02 direct issues: You forget to put it back and your baby is unsafe or You don’t know where you kept it and still Your baby is unsafe .

          Price: $3.99 available here:


  • Damp and wet locations receptacles: you may  never heard about these ones before but they are very important in damp areas. I am talking about them here because most of the time we used to forget about our location.  In wet areas, it is advisable to use these covers as protective devices. There will not only be a safe precaution for your but for your baby too. Even though There are more expensive than the previous solutions, they present a great advantage in such areas.  You can get some in the 02 following shapes:
  • Weatherproof covers with the cord plugged in:

weather proof

  • Weather proof cover without the cord plugged in.

weather proof

Your electrician  will know what to install depending on your needs. But know that, if the appliance that you plug in is attended while in use, use the second type. Otherwise , use the first one.

2. Power strip :

power strip

A Power strips is used as a temporal solution for outlets which are  far form the appliance to use. If you have children, consider buying this power strip cover. It is easy to use, last longer and fit almost every power strip.

Price: start at $7.99

You should never attempt to use power strips as a permanent solution. There are not designed for that .  They are manufactured to run under a certain  amperage.   Plugging one or many appliances on it may become dangerous.

3. Extensions cords:
Mainly used as an intermediate connection between an appliance and the socket, extension cords are tools that cannot handle  many appliances. This is the reason why  they  should never  been used as  a permanent solution. Below is the best solution to avoid your child being in contact with them.
extension cords

Price: $3.99 found here

Electrical safety is not only efficient for Children younger than 5 or 6. 10 years old children can still need it, maybe in different ways, but there are many electrical safety products that will be useful at that age like electrical cords shorteners when extension cords  are too long.
It is  more easier  today for electricians  to install  protective gadgets for children. Almost every parent  is aware on the importance of these precautions. No baby proofing methods will guaranty 100% safety, but these are great options to consider and purchase.  If you have a small budget, and have skills in electricity, then install those receptacles on your one. But Always call electricians If needed .


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