04 electrician skills and abilities: which ones do you have?

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electrician skills and abilities

You plan to hire an electrician for your project but don’t know if he is a perfect fit for the job? Electricians are these technicians who are responsible of wiring installations and systems repairs at home. When you seek one of them  you have to ensure that he is able to carry out the work  for which you pay him for.

Whether the project is small or not, a homeowner or business owner must be confident about the work that is going to start. For this reason, there are some keys elements that show the level of competence of an electrician.

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  • License and insurance:  Don’t cut corners by hiring a “skilled” friend who has performed few electrical repairs around. A “good electrician”  is first of all certified . Which means that he has learnt electrical installations principles, passed a standardized test and is licensed by a state . This help to avoid unnecessary and costly disputes if  something wrong happens at the workplace.
  • Experience: Good electricians are those who have been operating their services for at least 02 years. They are well known by some customers and provide  excellent results. Seek out  references. You can also check theirs reviews online if they have subscribed to some online work platforms.  The longer an electrician has been in the service, the more likely he will be able to do the job correctly.
  • Specialty: Electricians tend to specialize in some specific works. While some concentrate in remodeling, other go for commercial services. So it’s important to know if the electrician  you’re hiring is well versed in the work undertaken in your home.
  • Warranty: For larger jobs an electrician may take the responsibility to remedy any fault or repairs that occur during a specific working period. This  help a homeowner to be calm and self-assured.

Below  are  additional skills any electrician should  have :

  1.  Acts courteous and professional: It is easy to identify someone who knows his work.   A good electrician is very communicative and  explain  the work with confidence.  He  is open to  questions  and worries.  An electrician must understand very well what needs to be done and communicate effectively with people who often do not have prior knowledge with electrical wiring. As a client, you have to be responsive and open to modifications as well.   A job done at the neighbor’s place may be different from what  you have in your home. Unless you are an electrician too( retired, student) you have to listen and try to understand what the electrician plans to do. After all,  it is the reason why you  hired him for.
  2.  Schedules the work : Proper scheduling is a way to keep you on track with productivity, excellence and success. By doing so ,an electrician identify the possible risks and challenges that may arise during a project. He clearly define the steps to follow at the workplace .With a solid schedule ,  the work become more achievable and tangible for both the client and the electrician.
  3. Shows up for the work on time : Punctuality is an important asset to  good reputation.  It shows that the electrician takes the work seriously. Electrical faults may become harmful in no time if  not solved quickly. This is why electricians should be able to assure clients that they can get the job done during a specific period. Punctuality at the workplace is priceless  as it shows how professional you are.
  4. Plans further controls: Every work needs constant checking. So it’s good to plan future controls especially for bigger projects. Indeed,  Some of the works do not need constant checking like fixing a receptacle or changing the lamp. But other works like wiring, rewiring, an upgrade of  a control panel , need to be inspected again by electricians. You might think that you don’t need that inspection  or it is not  good value for money. But  keep in  mind that  an electrician who gives you such recommendations  he’s a serious one.

Being an electrician requires a lot of good aptitudes and skills. A simple mistake is unforgettable in this work as it might lead to serious injuries. Customers should trust you and and want you work for them again . This is why they have to be honest  about work and fees and also stay alert on the regulations and changes in technology or building codes.

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