4 tips and tricks on how to make the most of your Philips Hue light bulbs

Small Verdict.

The most flexible and comprehensive  lighting ecosystem, Philips hue is the shining light solution your smart home has been waiting for.

Back in 2012, Philips launched the first hue lighting system. At the time, the competion as well as the features of the kit were not really significant. As Philips grown and expanded, it now  provides a system that is not only flexible, but smart enough to bring an outstanding decor in the  home scene.


Pros:                                                                                                                                    Cons:

-flexibility.                                                                                                                     Expensive.

-Cordless bulbs.                                                                                                                                                                  -Easy to install and set up.                                                                                    Rely on smartphone which is                                                                                                                                           annoying without switches.

-Large range of and-off lights.

-Streamlined app experience.



Before we dive into this review , we thought is best to break down some useful information on  the product itself. What’s the philips hue light bulb? 

It is a smart lighting home solution that has dominated the market for the past seven years. It comes in a   range of  light bulbs, starter kits or accessories allowing enviable  colours  for a stylish home illumination. Its success comes from the options , the architecture and  extensions developed by the manufacturer. The system now supports Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings…just to name them.


Price: $199,99.

Color: white and colored light.

Guarantee: 03 years.

Maximum number of bulbs: 50.



There is no doubt that the Philips hue light bulb beats much of the smart home competition in terms of completeness. With more than 16.8 millions of colour available and up to 800 lumens output,  this lighting solution is the perfect asset for your living room including different ‘white’ temperatures. Now in it’s third generation, philips hue is still innovating and improving . If you have a limited budget and don’t want the full colour option, then the hue white ambiance with one bulb only is the way to go. You can get one for $44.99.

On the other hand, if you want to explore the full control of lights, then the Hue White and color ambiance Starter kit with its four E26 smart bubs is what you need.


Until now, Philips hue light has been restricted to inside decor. Though you could use the bulbs for outdoor decoration, it was not recommended by the manufacturer. The company now has a  set of bulbs , lightstrips, lamps & fixtures,  designed for great outdoors and gardens.

There is a wide range of fixtures  to choose from and though the choice may depends on factors like budget, or exterior design, the lucca outdoor wall light and the lily outdoor spot light are those to pay attention to . The particularity of the lily outdoor is its flexibility . With this fixture, your garden is illuminited by a set of colours at different moments and different spaces.


Philips hue light bulbs  are connected to  the Zigbee wireless network . You’ll need a wifi network in your home to connect the bridge. The app controls all the features of the lighting system. You can set everything from one location . This app is robust enough to turn the lights on/off in a simple clic.

The new version of the app is responsive and easy to use and set up. You just have to follow the instructions for its installation after the original set up. Philips is one of the best solutions for entertainment; you can use a variety of smart switches, voice commands and IFTT rules to control the lights after building the bridge.


Philips hue is more than willing to help you start and end your day. The system offers just enough regular bulbs to enhance the mood of the bedroom. Meanwhile, the color temperature of the bulbs of this new generation is most of the time adjustable.

The best led window curtain string light in 2019


Whether is a weeding, a birthday party or christmas holidays, Light decorations are among the best investments you can make in an event.

They are of differents sizes, types and prices and you  can feel overwhelmed by all of these. Luckily, this post will introduce you to one of the best light  decorations you ever want to know: curtain string lights.

Curtain string lights are these amazing light decorations which are used on differents events and can be adjusted for differents needs and occasions. They add a really beautiful romantic ambiance and are highly demanded by brides for weedings. However, They can be used as christmas decorations as well.  This article will  highlight and compare the prices of curtain lights and we hope will help to pick out the best product.

Best led window curtain lights

When it comes to window curtain lights, the experirence can be different than purchasing other light decorations available in the market.

Indeed, There are specific technical details  you should take into account before purchasing. These elements are outlined in the table below. In addition to these, You , as a buyer or weeding planner, should know exactly where and how you want window curtain lights to be fixed.

Let”s take a look at this comparaison table.

Product namesize (ft)lifespan(hrs)input voltagePrice
Slashome curtain lights9.8ft x 9.8ft 500000+110VCHECK PRICE
Maliven star curtain lights6.7ft×5ft star curtain string lights 220-240VCHECK PRICE
LE Led window curtain string lights9.84ft x 9.97ft500000120V from adaptatorCHECK PRICE
Twinkle Star 12 Stars 138 LED Curtain String Lights6.7ft×3.3ft110VCHECK PRICE
DLIUZ UL Safe 304 LED 9.8FT Linkable Curtain Lights Icicle Lights Fairy String Lights 9.8ft x 9.8ft 120V CHECK PRICE
Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light6.6ft×9.8ft110VCHECK PRICE
ZSTBT DM-300LW9.8ft*9.8ft 100-120VCHECK PRICE

1-slashome Curtain Lights


Slashome made an awesome job with this product. The brightness is soft enough to suit the mode or the theme you want to create. The 08 modes of light work fine. They are flexible, easy to install and fix. They are not only designed for windows, doors or walls but can be paired with tapestry and other artisanal stuff or icons as well.  You can decorate them as you wish whether is for indoor or outdoor purposes;

Carefully follow the instructions before using it like not undoing the clips holding the wires. They work under US standart of power so if you want it to be shipped to an another country use an adaptor for that.

Slashome curtain lights are the number one light decorations to try if you are skeptical and want a first hand experience on lighting.

The lifespan is good . They last for just long enough to cover important events or holidays.The colour may be too yellow and not glowing as you might expected.
Waterproof option available suitable for indoor and outdoor events;
Correct size and can be adjusted to your needs: 9.8ft x 9.8ft for 306LED but you can have a bigger size 19.8ft x 9.8ft (600 LED) as well.
Beautiful background theme
Great customer service.

2.MaLivent Star Curtain Lights

Malivent is one of the leading business in light decoration industry. This energy efficient product is easy to hang up and look beautiful for holiday season. Malivent star curtain lights are the perfect decoration tools to wrap around  trees or flower vases to make an event much more special.

They come with instructions and extra hook which are valuable if you want your home shine within one second. A remote control manage well the 08 flashing modes of the system  and controls the lights for a maximum distance of 30M. They can be used in any weather conditions and for indoor and outdoors events.

This video shows a good demonstration of malivent star curtain lights.

flexible. They can be wrapped around almost anything at home.Intense Untangling work period. You have to be patient to get them out of the box.
Adjustable plugging mode. They offer a unique design with extra plug connector.The remote control may not work straight from the beginning.
Eco friendly and baby safe ornaments For parents.
Waterproof option available.
Auto timer function: 6 hours on and 18 hours off automatically

3.LE LED Window Curtain String Light

The lights are easy to set up. This is a 306 LEDS curtain light made of 22 strings of lights, each placed 9″ apart for a total lit length of 16 feet 9 inches. A single strand is at the top and every 3-4″ a single strand fall,downward. It’s one horizontal strand with multiple vertical strands hanging from it. There are several different light settings to choose from so  You can have solid light or various blink speed pulsing lights of different colors.

It is perfect for christmas decors and really effective at creating a georgious and lovely ambiance . I personnally like this one decoration because it is more natural than the previous ones. The light is not too bright and it’s good enough to impart a mood for intimate events and occasions.

Easy to set upPricey compared to other lights decorations options but is good as well.
Energy efficient: Stick at 4.5 watts.
Good lifespan : More than 500000hrs.


4.Twinkle Star 12 Stars 138 LED Curtain String Lights

As the name suggests,  this curtain string lights is made of 12 Stars of a total size  of 3.2 ft by 6.7 ft. The distance between strings is 0.6ft and they come in two seperate colors: White and yellow.

Twinkle stars can be extended to a maximum of 07 strings lights. Which means that you cannot connect more than 07 curtain lights together. This size is still great for birthdays, christmas holidays etc.

Twinkle star 12 stars lights are  IP44 waterproof product. Which means that it protects  solid objects greater than 1 milimeter  and water spray from any direction. This protection is enough for light decorations since they don’t use too much power. However the power and  controller are non-waterproof and should be kept away from water.

They cannot be wrapped around any tools but They look really nice  .

Price well. This product is affordable comprared to similar products.The lifespan . They do not last longer.
Easy to put up .
Easy to add and string multiple strands together.
Good size.

5.DLIUZ UL Safe 304 LED 9.8Feet Connectable

DLIUZ manufactures lights decorations for years now. The design is always impressive and the effect looks amazing. The size is 9.8ft by 9.8ft and  only 2 or 3 sets can be connected together. This is to ensure the brightness of the curtain lights.

The installation is simple if well respected. First thing to first, find out the main wire. It’s not hard to find since it holds the entire lights. Secondly, hand up the whole set without unraveling each individual string. This is to separe the strings properly . And finally, open each individual string. Unwrap the lights until the very end. The main color is white.


Size and price are correct.They are tangled terribly. So make sure to follow the installation steps carefully.
Great customer service.There is only one unique size and no short version.
Good brightness.The warranty is not provided.


6.Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

These twinkle star 300 LED come in 04 different colors: Blue, warm white, white and purple. They can be connected together and  can be extended to a maximum of 10 strings lights. They have also 08 modes of lighting which work fine.

The size is 6.6ft by 9.8 ft which may not be long enough for some customers but they can still hung well on walls, grassess or floors. And used for differents shows as well.

Twinkle star 300 Led window curtain string lights are suitable for those who want to see or discover how light decorations can be adjusted in differents colors. What i don’t like is the aesthetic of the remote control.

They have a great product demo video available on amazon.

Easy to hang up.Short cord. Which makes it difficult to plug in to the wall.
Good brightness.
Last longer.


7.ZSTBT DM-300LW/3 300LED

Finally, the last product we are looking at is the .ZSTBT DM-300LW/3 300LED.  it comes in one color :warm white. This is one of the best light decoration you can get. The design look simple but they perform well. ZSTBT is one of the best companies to provide these products.

The size is normal and very interesting compared to other versions. The brightness is fantastic and create a magical lighting experience you are looking for. They will for sure give the beautiful touch for party or shows. There are 19 strings in total. This light , like the previous ones, as a memory function so you don’t need to set the light model again next time that you use it.

It is suitable for voltage 220/240v. Which is great for people who don't live in US.The waterproof option is of lower quality.
It is easy to set up and remove.
The finish is in copper which is really flexible and durable.


How To prevent Circuit Overload: these 04 proven methods

prevent circuit overload

What to understand by overloading?

Circuits and wires are designed to carry a specific value of  current. If for any reason the current passing through these cables  is greater than what they can handle , there is a risk of  OVERLOAD. The cables get heated up , melt and  can potentially get fire. An overload is therefore a direct consequence of a high value of current not voltage!  Many protective devices have been listed to limit the damages caused by this situation . Though reliable in most cases, knowing the installations which can save your family’s life and yours is still important. So let’s get started!

WHICH INSTALLATIONS?                                                                                                   

Below are some of the most important installations that lead to  overload .

  1. Plugging several power-hungry items or tools on the same circuit. When many appliances are running at the same time , on the same circuit,  there is a risk of  overload. It is not just any type of appliances, but those with a considerable amount of power. Note that a circuit  cannot handle more than 80 percent of the maximum  load.  for a 15-amps circuit, the safe margin at a given moment will be 1,440 watts: 120 v x 15 A= 1,800; 80 percent of 1,800=1,440 watts. It means that if the total load at a given period is greater that 1,440 watts for a 15-amps circuit, there is an overload.  Similar calculations are applicable for a 20-amps circuit and  give 1,920 watts. Such  appliances should have their own dedicated circuit ( air conditioner, electric dryer, dishwasher etc). If not, they can melt  wires and even burn them.                                  Appliances that need their own dedicated circuits                                              These appliances are called power-hungry appliances  because they use too much power in a small amount of  time. when such situation occurs an “over-current protective device” installed at the main panel will trip. It can be a circuit breaker or a fuse.
  2. The use of extension cords as permanent wiring. Extensions cords are very useful as temporary solutions   .  They are not designed to carry the power running by  the appliances they are connected with. This is the reason why  they should never be permanent. An extension cord is like an intermediate branch that you create on your own. But  in this case , since it has not be set and sized by your electrician, it’s not safe and can become a serious issue. There are many parameters  you didn’t take into account like  the cross sectional area of the extension cord or the current needed by the appliance you are going to use.
  3. Outdated installations/wiring: Knob-and-tube wiring is not  effective as it was few decades ago.  This installation is not grounded and does not offer a proper protection to an  equipment.  It’s crucial to Check the wiring  installed at  home and if it’s an old one, then consider replacing it by a safe and more appropriate wiring. Skilled Electricians are trained for that and are aware of the norms and rules applicable in your communities.   So it’s better to reach them out. Aluminium wiring also, has been prohibited  many decades ago. Although cheaper than  copper it was dissipating too much heat and was not efficient over time.
  4.  Non conventional sizing:  When  cables are wrongly sized for circuit breakers  they are useless.  The size of the wire is critical; Different wire gages are meant for different amperages. The current that a cable can handle must be as the same as the circuit breaker.   Let’s take an example: If you have A #12 wire gauge which carries 20-amps then It will be  safely protected by a circuit breaker of 20-amps too.  However, if that wire is connected to a 15-amp circuit breaker then a significant amount of current can go through it. both wires and circuit breaker will start heating up. And this is a wasted energy that can increase your electrical bills.
  5. Mismatch circuit breakers:  It’s not recommended to replace a circuit breaker  inside a control panel without the approval of the manufacturer or  inspector.  The breakers installed in the panels should be the ones set by the manufacturer.  A circuit breaker can perfectly fit a control panel but it may be incorrect if not checked by an inspector.
  6. Faulty connections:    A faulty connection is not something to take lightly. It may not appear on the cables, but rather on the terminal of  devices. As an electrician, it is Always recommended to check the connections before reconnecting the power supply, or leaving the workplace. But if you are not an expert do not attempt to fix it on your own.


How to prevent circuit overload:

  • Install an appropriate and well-designed circuit breaker. Identify which equipment requires its own designated or dedicated circuit . Install a new branch of circuit  were needed.  If you run  many hungry items at the same time,  consider having different circuits. You can use different circuits for lights and outlets( which is recommended) 15 and 20-amps for example. This is one of the most important and recommended solutions to prevent circuit overload.
  • Install more outlets To limit the use extensions cords. You can also use power surges  were small appliances are connected to. By adding new outlets,  you keep the  branches of circuits safe and free from fire .   You can either install a new outlet in an existing branch, or run a new one. It all depends on   your skills or the clearance of the main panel. If you can  map  circuits on your own, and identify which of them  create overload, then  go ahead. what  you will need to do is  find a branch that still have enough capacity to add an outlet. If you are not comfortable with the idea on doing the installation on your own, then call an electrician.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs or energy efficient leds. they will drop your electrical bills.
  • Call for an inspector or skilled electrician to check the installation made. Especially if it is an old one. An inspector  is here to help, check if everything is correct and ensure that proper safety guidelines are followed with respect to the rules set by its state.             old home rewiring

An overloading circuit results from extra  and inappropriate connections made  by users,young professionals or hobbyists . Outdated or damaged wiring can also lead to such situation.  But in each case, they  invite  electrical fire .  So better Have your electrical system  properly installed.  Always call for electricians or inspectors for works you are not confident with.

Electricity for small businesses: A guide for successful entrepreneurs.

06 electrical pitfalls to absolutely avoid

Small business owners come up against a lot of different challenges. These include things like finding customers, hiring the right people, building an e-mail list , a brand and so on. However, if there’s something they really struggle with is finances. Having enough money to cover your bills, unexpected outgoings or paying your staff is a must.  With the price of  energy rising, It’s becomes vital  for every small business, to  maintain overhead costs which include daily operating costs like energy consumption. This is what this post is all about.

The following article  will be divided in 02 sections:

  1. Pitfalls to absolutely avoid in a small business .Because you are small and obviously new, you may not think  about what can  cost your company  before even getting started.
  2. Average electricity bill for a small business.Every business owner needs to lower its energy consumption. This section  will tell you what to expect in your bills and  how to take major decisions to cut them.

A-  05 pitfalls to absolutely avoid in your business today :

  1. Hire the wrong  supplier. There are many platforms out there like this one which  help you to get the supplier that you want. Though they offer good deals, getting a fix-term contract is always a good option. With this type of contract you can lower your bills by more than 50%.  On the other hand, another good strategy  to find an affordable and good  supplier is to compare contracts and  quotes. Quotes for services and contracts for bills and prices.These are some of the key points to look at when hiring that supplier:
    • Get a clear idea of the machinery that will be used .  Tell  your electrician which type of equipment and appliances is going to be  installed . It   helps to  properly size the  panel . How many  copiers, computers will you use for example?
    • Clearly define your business classification. Depending on the profile of your business and how much your consume per year, you may pay less. Most of the times, if your business uses less than 100,000 kwh, then your are considered as a micro business.
    • Identify your peak period.  Though it may sound difficult to you as a small business , it is paramount to properly set your daily energy consumption . The peak period is the highest demand of energy during a specific period .
  2. Avoiding an inspection:  An electrical contractor or inspector should absolutely check your system especially if your business is launched in an old building.  . You plan to  bring new equipment, so it is important to know if they can rely on the existing electrical system. Otherwise, you may expose your personnel and assets to electrical hazards. The control panel , wiring(aluminum  and knob-and-tube wiring prohibited)  should be carefully inspected .  It’s important  to be there during the inspection , ask for questions and try to understand what is involved.  The electrician or inspector  check  if your system comply with the norms and regulations set by your state. It saves a lot of money on the long run by keeping your equipment safe from surges and fire.  After this work,  another inspection is required .
  3. Not thinking about a backup solution: How often do you experience power blackouts? There are many causes of power outages in an area: weather, animals, spikes or  equipment failures.  But if  people get used of such inconvenience where your business is located, then put serious efforts to ensure that the work can still be properly done. Blackouts can seriously damage your machinery .   According to  ITIC 98 percent of organizations say one hour of downtime costs over $100,000.  Having a backup generator is one of the easiest solutions to prevent from the negative effects of a power failure.Many new business owners don’t want to invest on those but they should.  Blackouts can  cause small businesses to loose out on revenue and productivity.  “while organizations may feel that the likelihood of power outages is beyond their control, they should still assess the impact that an electrical blackout could have on their operations and important machinery, so that they can review and determine whether they have the right controls in place to help mitigate the risk.”  Said Larry Hunter, Risk Engineer at Allianz Global Corpo rate & Specialty (AGCS) in Houston

02 backup systems are  commonly used:

  •  A backup generator :  cheap,  good option for small companies.
  • UPS( uninterruptible power supply) : Which is principally used to protect computers and  data stored in the RAM. This article  shows the difference between the 02 .
  1. Do not maintain your equipment regularly :  Each Equipment should be well maintained  to increase the safety of  workers. If  you respect the recommendations  set by the manufacturer( hours to use, power rating …)  , you improve equipment life; but prevention is better than a cure and having a professional for constant checking will surely  limit the costs of repairs and unplanned maintenance activity.
  2. Cheating electrical energy meter to avoid expensive bills: Illegal meter connections are  prohibited.  Apart from being legally censured, tampering the meter can lead to injuries like fire, explosions due to the inconstancy between the power supplied and what is read. “Tampering with gas and electrical equipment causes can leave homes and businesses with unsafe supplies, which can cause burns, shocks, fires and, in extreme cases, An exposed wire can cause electricity fires, while an insecure gas supply can cause an explosion. A mix of just 5% gas in the air is enough to cause an explosion – such gas explosions have been known to destroy an entire premises, and cause damage to neighbouring properties” said the UK’s largest independent business energy supplier, opus energy . Rather than using these drastic methods,  it is better to  opt for  smart and conventional ones like energy efficient electrical items.
  3. Do not respect these basic electrical  principles : Never use extensions cords as permanently solutions or overcharge power strips. Correctly close junction boxes, do not allow loose cables or wiring .

B- Average electricity bills for a small business

Bills in small businesses depend on many factors like:

  • The annual or monthly consumption and The period of the year.
  • The supplier.
  • The type of contract.
  • The location. If your business is located in an area where suppliers used to charge more, then  deal with this. They are simply obliged to raise the bills if the costs involved in the production are also high.

Fortunately, electrical boards  are there to regulate the price and keep it a reasonable level.     Below are tips   to lower the bills on your own:

  • Take advantage of work at home as often as you can: It is now possible to  work at home without cubing your productivity. Small businesses can easily implement this . By doing so, they drop their energy consumption when there is no need to supervise the work at the office.
  • Get used to natural sunlight: Open the shades around your workplace instead of turning on lamps during daytime hours.
  • Install  energy efficient lamps and bulbs. These are one of the best options to  lower energy consumption and rate today. They use at least  75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  • Purchase smart  gadgets: Whether It is a  light sensor  that automatically turns off the lamp during the day and turns it on during the night, There are many smart equipment available in the market today. you can  Install , for example, wind-up timers in place of on/off switches for bathroom fans . Indeed,  people forget to switch off a fan when leaving a room. A wind-up timer is used to solve this type of issue by turning  it off automatically after some time. It can be 30 or 60 minutes depending on the manufacturer and the needs.

Overcoming the small businesses challenges involves a good energy consumption planning. We have looked at some points to help make this planning easier. Electrical hazards are not something to play with. It’s important to take several precautions and look for the right services available. Bad electrical planning, put you and your employees in jeopardy. Only certified electricians and well known suppliers will provide safe and reliable services and solutions to your problems.

These are the reasons why you should always rewire an old property


reasons why you should always rewire an old property

Proper  rewiring is strongly recommended in many old properties.   By doing so, you keep your  loved ones safe and free from accidents or injuries of any kind. Even though it is an expensive  process , if well planned and carried out, it may take decades before dealing with similar issues.

Rewiring means replacing old electrical cables that are or might burn, switches, receptacles, consumer units and even light fixtures with new ones. Depending on the age and the type of building, an entire rewiring may not be necessary.

Which types of faults in old houses?

Old houses used to experience the following faults :

  1.    Corroded cables.  They  are identified by their discoloration. Moisture and humidity  are the 02 principal sources of  this discoloration. Once the wire is wet or humid, a corrosion takes place. corroded cables don’t have good conductive properties and lead to voltage and current flow degradation. This is why it is  crucial to fix this type of issue as soon as possible. While an electrician can perfectly do this job,  this guide  explains in details how to tackle it on your own.  However only do that if you have done similar work in the past. It is also important to differentiate  a corroded cable from an oxidized one. Indeed, a cable get oxidized when it is exposed to oxygen not to humidity or moisture. The previous guide also  help  to clean it.
  2. Tripped circuits breakers, blown fuses or flickering lights .  A Circuit breaker is made to trip and shut the power off  whenever  the system is overloaded. However, if  it trips frequently,   there’s a deeper problem in your wiring . Unfortunately  ,This type of issue is very common in old houses. Indeed, the protective devices installed in these properties were not designed to keep up with modern usages.  For Do-it yourselfers  This article can be of great help   :fix a circuit breaker that keeps tripping . But know your zone of comfort and  if the problem persists, let an electrician solve it. Flickering lights On the other hand  result from  old and bad wiring. If lights flicker only when you plug an appliance in,  there is nothing to worry about. Just unplug that appliance , wait  few seconds ,turn the lamp on  and continue with your tasks.
  3.  Buzzing sound :  It comes from electrical outlets and switches. It is a sign of  bad , damaged or aged wiring.  A buzzing sound describes  a loose connection  in the circuit . It is likely to happen in old properties where old outlets cannot longer hold plugs properly.  The corresponding outlet or switch will surely be  hot to the touch. This is simply because a loose electrical connection produces heat. Such heat comes from the power dissipated by the resistance of  loose connections when a current passes through them.  You may want to fix this issue on your own and if it is the case, then consider these 02 options. Replace the outlet by a new one( especially if that one was buzzing too) or tighten the connections. You can also check  this article.
  4. Burning smell:  when an electrical cable start burning  inside a switch or socket, your home is in danger of an electrical fire. If you are lucky enough to smell it early  , take serious issues. Locate the exact receptacle the odor is coming from. Once you’ve found it, disconnect the electrical supply  and unplug the appliances  connected to that receptacle. Such situation can lead to fatal lesions and even death.  A buzzing sound and burning smell are inextricably linked.
Why to rewire an old property:
  •  It is more than 30 years old.

Such houses won’t necessary comply with current regulations. They were set at 60 or 100 amps rather than the 200 amps needed today.

Proper earthing installations were not made that time. Which is strongly recommended today in order to avoid problems related to current leakage and over voltages. The methods used for  wiring (the Knob and tubes for example) did not have any ground conductor .

Aluminium cables that were used many decades ago  have been replaced by copper. Copper offer good advantages today due to its properties. It reduces the number of joints found with aluminium cables,  dissipates less heat and limits the risk of system failures.

  • If you plan to make a partial renovation.

These are some questions to consider when rewiring your old house:

  1. Do you plan to  work  yourself or hire an electrician? Depending on your skills , you may  decide to carry the work on your own. Many homeowners do that and you should give it a try. It is not a difficult task but  you should be assisted by a skilled electrician . This article is a good introduction in that process. On the other hand, if you plan to hire an electrician, then  look for the best.       find the perfect electrician for your work.
  2. What is your budget ? No project can be  properly done without cost estimates . How much do you want to invest? It is crucial to do that  in order to  avoid financial mishaps along the way. A well detailed article on costs involved in rewiring is found here.
  3. When do you plan to start?This is what to consider:
    • Your temporary location during the work : where will you  be living  during the work and for how long? It’s definitively not safe to live at the workplace .
    • The period: how long does it takes to finish the job.
    •  Your future electrical needs: Do you plan to run ethernet cables on your entire building for uninterrupted wifi for example? It is crucial to think ahead about your future needs. If you plan to install an air conditioner then talk with your electrician   as soon as possible.

It is important to know which details are relevant  and how to carry the work out. Otherwise, you will be left with an unfinished  work and even fail the inspection.

Rewiring should be taken seriously. You should have a qualified electrician handle  wiring issues and repairs . This  smart decision is of paramount importance if you want your home’s wiring problems being diagnosed and fixed in no time.


electric shocks after effect


electric shocks after effect

More than 3900 injuries associated with accidental electrical shocks are treated in emergency rooms annually according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. An Electrocution occurs when a body comes in contact with  an appliance, person or animal that conducts electricity.

An electrocution  has many causes:

  •  Bad  or outdated wiring installations.
  • Break of insulation.
  • Electrical appliances coming in contact with water.
  • Lightning strikes, downed power poles and lines , or faulty appliances.

When a domestic electrocution occurs,  the body becomes a part of the circuit. The minimum current that flows into that body is between 7-25 mA for  a woman . 10-32 mA for a man  with a voltage greater than 500v .  Voltages under that value do not cause  severe injuries most of the time.   It is advisable to call a doctor as soon as possible, especially if the person injured is a child .

An electrical shock does not make noise so you may not heard that  happens . The symptoms of an electrocution are:

  • Unconsciousness. It is the first  sign of electrocution . The body of the person injured  lays down in the floor and he/she is not able to talk or walk .
  • Involuntary muscle contraction :  he/she is  not be able to move. The  victim is thrown away from the contact . Besides, If the area has not been  cleared out, the materials or tools found there can provoke long-lasting harm.
  • Painful shock.  The shock may be undetectable at the early stage of the injury . But during the medical assistance many hours later.
  • Difficulties of breathing or respiratory arrest.


If you are going to help someone who has sustained an electric shock, these are steps to follow:

  1. Do not touch the victim if  the power supply  is still ON.  First and foremost, disconnect the power supply. If you don’t know how to do that correctly call a neighbor or someone who is qualified . An electrician is the person recommended here. This disconnection is really important because it clears the area and limit any form of hazard with the victim.
  2. Check the pulse rate. If you do not feel or sense anything  try a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) technique. Then call an emergency service .
  3. If the person responds and  breathes well,  look for dry clothes to cover him and call  an ambulance . If the injuries are already visible, just cover them with a light material that does not stick. Don’t move the body unless it is risky to let it at the same position. Do not attempt any medical assistance unless you have such qualifications.
  4. Be calm and if the person is still conscious try to reassure him/her  as much as you can.
  5. If you noticed that a person started feeling cold or  fiver,  then call a doctor.
  6. In case of convulsions( yes bodies react in different ways) do not panic and call a doctor for an immediate assistance .

It is crucial to  stay positive and optimistic as well. Current will always choose the easiest path to pass through. This is why a body, when the situations are favorable,  becomes a good conductor. In order to avoid problems caused by a domestic electrocution  in the future, this is what we recommend.

  • Hire a skilled electrician for all your works .this article  can be of great help 05 ways to find the perfect electrician for your job
  • Always walk with shoes in wet places.
  • Learn how to disconnect power supply if you did not know how to do that.
  • Disconnect supply and keep your appliances away from wet environment.
  • Do not use many extensions cords in one switch.
  • Install safety switches and equipment.
  • Ask  for an inspection  at least once a year.

Domestic electrocutions are unpredictable  and hide serious problems most of the time. Exposure to high voltage, may results in serious damages in health . It is your responsibility as a business owner or home owner to take major decisions to protect your family or employees.