05 quick ways to find a cheap electrician in my area

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ways to find an electrician in your area

Electricians are easy to find but good and reliable ones are not. Qualified electricians are not only rare but expensive as well. They have been trained for years . Master’s degree take that long.  Chances of finding cheap licensed electricians are very low. However, there are many places out there where you can reach professionals at a reasonable price. On the other hand, there are ways to drastically cut the costs .


Plan the work 
First and foremost, you must absolutely know what you want and  expect. Every project should be well planned and organized.  You can maximize the savings and minimize the costs if you spend the time to create a detailed under-slab plan. Schedule the starting period up to the end.This is what you should ask yourself:

  •  What type of  project ? Is it a renovation, repair, a simple control or new installation. Have a clear idea on what you want and not what  friends or neighbors want for you. Most jobs will be relatively simple if well panned ahead. An electrician may know which installation is best for you only after telling him what you need to be done.
  •  How much are you willing to  spend and how to save money?  It’s smart to secure a budget before it starts . Budgetary estimates are made before a project is officially started. Future expenses depend on that.Otherwise, you might end up with unsatisfied results.
  • When do you plan to start : A plan is set according to the availability of both  homeowner and  electrician. A homeowner should check if the worked planned is going on well.

Lower the price of your final costs

After planning the work, you should find means to respect your budget or even lower it while avoiding additional costs. This is what to consider:

  • Make a checklist on what is already installed: Why do you have to pay for something you can do on your own? The first thing an electrician do  is  inspect the installations and he can spend an hour doing that. But if you are smart enough to carry such work on your own then do it.  Conduct a small inspection to know if there are outlets , switches or lamps to replace, a junction box to seal etc. list all electrical related problems  you can find and write them down. By doing so, you bundle all the electrical work altogether to minimize the time spent by the  electrician  .
  • Hire a newbie: It may  sound difficult to you as inexperienced  technicians are not well versed in technical and real world issues. But the truth is they may be very good  as well .  Though it’s hard for customers to know what is best, homeowners are among the first employers of new electricians .  So give it a try, especially if you have a low budget.
  • Clear the area : The less your electrician spends shifting drywall away from the site, the more likely you will save. So clean  the work area and remove every tool,toys or object out of the way so that he can start as soon as possible.
  •   Supply your own devices :  You can buy electrical items and tools if you are familiar with basic wiring practices. It might be cheaper than the ones provided by your electrician.
  •  Minimize transportation costs :Many expensive professionals  compensate these charges in their hourly rate. But if you plan to lower the costs, propose to cover them all.

Where to find an electrician

There are many ways to find an electrician in your area. The following list depicts the easiest and timeless ways to do that.


1. Online platforms or websites: some of the most reliable ones are:

    a. YelpThis is my favorite one . What i like with this platform is that you can really afford good electricians with a minimum budget . This is not the case in other platforms.

.location: USA

   b.  Homeadvisor : It is the #1 platform in terms of home  improvement works. It is full of experienced electricians. You can find the perfect electrician there . You have the control in everything. Just sign up, describe your work and book a project with the well-ranked professionals of the platform

  • Free App for android and iphone (4.2/5 rating) .
  • Location: USA.


   c. Thumbtack: built in 2009, this platform did a perfect job by bringing US professional into one place  to show their potential. With millions users and orders per year, there is no doubt that you will find an electrician in your area here.  What you have to do is to sign up, describe your needs, compare professionals and hire the perfect one based on reviews, location or skills.

  • free application for android and Iphone.
  • Location: USA.


d. Handy : Founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan And Umang Dua, it is one of the leading platform that connect skilled professionals with house owners. you want a quick service correctly done isn’t? Just enter your zip code, description of the job, email address, hours to book and the date of work. That’s all.

  • Free apps for android an iphone.
  • Locations: USA, CANADA, UK.


e. Housejoy: this is the perfect market place to buy services from  professional in india. These services are reliable.  It is easy to find the perfect handyman or contractor in few hours around the country.

  • Free app for android and iphone.
  • Location: India.


f. Bizzby  : What I like with this platform is the fact that they choose the perfect electrician for you. When you book a job, they send the electrician who is nearest you to limit the transportation costs. I found that more practical than the other options because you have more chances to get a job done correctly  by an electrician who fits you. People are sensitive to some details like the color of hair, eye’s color, etc.So When they hire an electrician themselves , there can be lure by such factors.

  • Free app on google play store.
  • Locations: USA, CANADA, UK, UAE.



Apps are  widely used today. Most of them are just an extension  of a given website . The following apps are those with good credibility and expertise.  With these apps You will be able to get in touch with electricians in a different but comfortable way.

a.Urban clap: You plan to hire an electrician in india ? then this app i s for you.  In just one click you will be able to reach thousand cheap electricians. Available on iphone and android.

  • Reviews: 4.2 on google play store
  • Price : free
  • Location: india.


b.Task rabbit: Available in play store and iphone.

  • Reviews on play store: 3.7
  • Price: free
  • Location: most of the states in USA and London.


c. Smith home remodel and repair:

  • Reviews on play store: 4.0
  • Price: free
  • Location: USA.

3.Word-of-mouth information: from  friends, family or colleagues. Most of the times good electricians, especially locally, are well known and easy to find. But their services can be expensive and you may not afford them. So unless you are lucky enough to reach them directly,  you are more likely to spend more   than what  it’s available.

4. Forums: This is one of the best places to find an electrician in your area at reasonable prices. Just google a query like” find an electrician in SH “for example, and you will get access to a lot of reviews. Forums like electriciantalk  or calgarypuck  are among the best.


5. Ask to your electrician: This is a traditional method. A well known electrician can easily give you the contact of an electrician near you.

Hiring  good electricians is always important because they provide quality work and good value for money. An unqualified and cheap electrician can be more expensive in the long term.

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