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Do you run a project and need to hire the right freelancers? Are you looking for an unbeatable team of committed writers?

You can make it easy for yourself and let us do the work for you.

We are a team of  freelancers specialized in electrical and home improvement writing services. We have been working for years now with contractors and sellers like you. You don’t need to hire the right freelancers for your project from different platforms or websites on your own. We did that for you. All you have to do is clearly define the project and check  the results.


We write for  Homeowners and businesses owners.  It’s what we are good at.

Who can reach us?

Online store owners and e-commerce managers: Did you launch an online store recently  and  need help to sell your products?  Every store owners know the importance of good product description today in the marketing process. By providing key product details in   each description, we pop up the information  the buyer needs to make a purchase decision.  We write to grow your sales while building the trust of the shoppers. These are the  results  you want us to achieve. By hiring us today, you start differentiating your e-commerce business from the competition.

Electrical contractor:  As a business person or company, you get easily overlooked and don’t have time to always make things work . Tcc electricalcontent is here to help and give the support  you need to grow and expand your visibility online. By hiring one of our writer or a team of writers, you will not only keep the clients that you have, but attract those who have never heard of you. We write articles ,technical  manuals and e-books  that will not only engage the audience that you want to reach out but also sell your business with the expertise that it deserves. There are electrical engineers and technicians with  solid background in house wiring , maintenance ,power electronic, and transmission line construction who are waiting for you. Just enter your information in the contact page .  Our job is to persuade both  homeowners and business owners to hire your company over  competitor’s ones .

Whether  is a step-by-step process article, an energy saving tip or the latest update innovation in electricity, we write contents that  bring relevant value to the audience while increasing the visibility of your brand .

Students: Do have an unfinished work or a pile of assignments laying on your desk for days now ? Do you need academic writing assistance for your essay or research paper? Tccelectricalcontent is what you need. We provide essay writing services for engineering students, scientists or young technicians at affordable prices. We develop contents that satisfies the guidelines of your instructors .

By hiring our team  you  have the following benefits:

  • Hire the right people: whether is one freelancer or a team of freelancers, we  provide a work that suits your needs at the level that you want: basic, intermediate or advanced . We select profiles which are best for you and  your project. We choose the correct number of freelancers related to your projects.
  •  Build a team of  writers with strong digital marketing skills : Each company sets its own  rules and objectives.We define strategies to bring more clients related to those. Our writers have skills needed to  well rank your websites and stores on google.
  • Good Education and  level of practice in the electrical sector. Electricity and home improvement sectors require an expertise and knowledge that only  professionals have.  Whether it’s an experienced do-it-yourselfer, a technician or an engineer, they all know the trips and tricks that your customers are searching for.
  • Blog management experience. This experience is based upon the level of expertise  you look at. More experienced freelancers have both technical and blog management skills while beginners have just few articles in their  asset.