The best led window curtain string light in 2019

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Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party or Christmas holidays, Light decorations are among the best investments to make in an event.

They are of different sizes, types, and prices and you can quickly get overwhelmed. Luckily, this post will introduce you to one of the best light decorations you ever want to know: curtain string lights.

Curtain string lights are these amazing light decorations that are used in different events and can be adjusted for different needs and occasions. They add a really beautiful romantic ambiance and are highly praised by brides for weddings. However, they can and should be used in Christmas decorations as well.  This article highlights and compares the prices of curtain lights and we hope will help you pick the best one.

Best led window curtain lights

When it comes to window curtain lights, the experience and purchase decision can slightly differ from what is available in the market.

Indeed, there are technical details you should take into account before purchasing. These elements are outlined in the table below. In addition to these, You , as a buyer or wedding planner, should know exactly where and how you want window curtain lights to be fixed.

Let’s take a look at this comparison table.

Product namesize (ft)lifespan(hrs)input voltagePrice
Slashome curtain lights9.8ft x 9.8ft 500000+110VCHECK PRICE
Maliven star curtain lights6.7ft×5ft star curtain string lights 220-240VCHECK PRICE
LE Led window curtain string lights9.84ft x 9.97ft500000120V from adaptatorCHECK PRICE
Twinkle Star 12 Stars 138 LED Curtain String Lights6.7ft×3.3ft110VCHECK PRICE
DLIUZ UL Safe 304 LED 9.8FT Linkable Curtain Lights Icicle Lights Fairy String Lights 9.8ft x 9.8ft 120V CHECK PRICE
Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light6.6ft×9.8ft110VCHECK PRICE
ZSTBT DM-300LW9.8ft*9.8ft 100-120VCHECK PRICE

1-slashome Curtain Lights


Slashome did a great job with this product. The brightness is soft enough to suit the mode or theme you want to create. There are  08 different modes of light. They are flexible, easy to install and fix. They are not only designed for windows, doors or walls but can be paired with tapestry and other artisanal stuff or icons as well.  You can decorate them as you wish whether is for indoor or outdoor purposes;

Carefully follow the instructions before using them.  Do not undo the clips holding the wires for example. They work under US standart of power so if you want it to be shipped to an another country consider using an adaptor.

Slashome curtain lights are the number one light decorations to try if you are skeptical and want to get a first-hand experience.

The lifespan is good . They last for just long enough to cover important events or holidays.The colour may be too yellow and not glowing as you might expected.
Waterproof option available suitable for indoor and outdoor events;
Correct size and can be adjusted to your needs: 9.8ft x 9.8ft for 306LED but you can have a bigger size 19.8ft x 9.8ft (600 LED) as well.
Beautiful background theme
Great customer service.

2.MaLivent Star Curtain Lights

Malivent is one of the leading brands in the industry. This energy efficient product is easy to hang up and look nice during the holiday. Malivent star curtain lights are perfect to wrap around trees or flower vases to make an event much more special.

They come with a  step-to-step guide and an extra hook that will make your home shine in one second. It is built in 08 flashing modes. The remote controller lights the home or backyard at a distance up to 30M.  They can be used in any weather conditions and for indoor and outdoors events.

This video is a good demonstration of malivent star curtain lights.

flexible. They can be wrapped around almost anything at home.Intense Untangling work period. You have to be patient to get them out of the box.
Adjustable plugging mode. They offer a unique design with extra plug connector.The remote control may not work straight from the beginning.
Eco friendly and baby safe ornaments For parents.
Waterproof option available.
Auto timer function: 6 hours on and 18 hours off automatically

3.LE LED Window Curtain String Light

The lights are easy to set up. This is a 306 LEDS curtain light made of 22 strings of lights, each placed 9″ apart for a total lit length of 16 feet 9 inches. A single strand is at the top and every 3-4″ a single strand fall, downward. It’s one horizontal strand with multiple vertical strands hanging from it. There are several different light settings to choose from so you can have solid light or various blink speed pulsing lights of different colors.

It is perfect for christmas decor and really effective at creating a georgious and lovely ambiance. I personnally like this one decoration because it is more natural than the previous ones. The light is not too bright and it’s good enough to impact a mood for intimate events and occasions.

Easy to set upPricey compared to other lights decorations options but is good as well.
Energy efficient: Stick at 4.5 watts.
Good lifespan : More than 500000hrs.


4.Twinkle Star 12 Stars 138 LED Curtain String Lights

As the name suggests,  this curtain string lights is made of 12 Stars of a total size  of 3.2 ft by 6.7 ft. The distance between strings is 0.6ft and they come in two separate colors: White and yellow.

Twinkle stars can be extended to a maximum of 07 strings lights. Which means that you cannot connect more than 07 curtain lights together. The size is still great for birthdays, Christmas holidays, etc.

Twinkle Star 12 stars lights are  IP44 waterproof product. Which means that it protects  solid objects greater than 1 millimeter and water spray from any direction. The protection is enough for light decorations since they don’t use too much power. However, the power and controller are non-waterproof and should be kept away from water.

They cannot be wrapped around any tools but They look really nice  .

Price well. This product is affordable comprared to similar products.The lifespan . They do not last longer.
Easy to put up .
Easy to add and string multiple strands together.
Good size.

5.DLIUZ UL Safe 304 LED 9.8Feet Connectable

DLIUZ created amazing decor for years now. The design is impressive and the effect looks great. The size is 9.8ft by 9.8ft and  only 2 or 3 sets can be connected together. This is to ensure the brightness of the curtain lights.

The installation is simple if well respected. First thing to first, find out the main wire. It’s not hard to find since it holds the entire lights. Secondly, hand up the whole set without unraveling each individual string. This is to separe the strings properly . And finally, open each individual string. Unwrap the lights until the very end. The main color is white.


Size and price are correct.They are tangled terribly. So make sure to follow the installation steps carefully.
Great customer service.There is only one unique size and no short version.
Good brightness.The warranty is not provided.


6.Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

These twinkle star 300 LED come in 04 different colors: Blue, warm white, white and purple. They can be connected together and  can be extended to a maximum of 10 strings lights. They have also 08 modes of lighting which work fine.

The size is 6.6ft by 9.8 ft which may not be long enough for some customers but they can still hang on walls, grassess or floors.

Twinkle star 300 Led window curtain string lights are suitable for those who want to discover how light decorations can be adjusted in different colors. What I don’t like however is the aesthetic of the remote control.

They have a great product demo video available on amazon.

Easy to hang up.Short cord. Which makes it difficult to plug in to the wall.
Good brightness.
Last longer.


7.ZSTBT DM-300LW/3 300LED

Finally, the last product we are looking at is the .ZSTBT DM-300LW/3 300LED.  it comes in one color: warm white. This is one of the best light decorations you can get. The design look simple but they perform well. ZSTBT is one of the best companies to provide these products.

The size is normal and very interesting compared to other versions. The brightness is fantastic and create a magical lighting experience. They add a  beautiful touch for a party or shows. There are 19 strings in total. This light , like the previous ones, has a memory function so you don’t need to set the light model again next time that you use it.

It is suitable for voltage 220/240v. Which is great for people who don't live in US.The waterproof option is of lower quality.
It is easy to set up and remove.
The finish is in copper which is really flexible and durable.


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