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The Delicate Antique scroll ring

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Are you looking for an antique-style eye-cathing wedding ring? Do you want to feel the symbolism and tradition of the ring in its pure and simplest form? No matter the reason, the Delicate Antique Scroll Ring (1/15 ct. tw.) is definitevely what you have been searching for.

A Wedding ring is an emblem of love through time, a sign of eternal and everlasting love. It’s just the way your love should be: Endless.It’s therefore means that no matter how spectic you might be, you definitively have to pay a close attention to the only jewel that you will wear for the rest of your entire fabulous life.

The Delicate Antique scroll ring, as the name implies matches perfectly with your loveliness skin. It’s a fine example of a diamond wedding ring where round brilliant are associated to diamonds in a unique channel setting. Diamond rings are one of the most popular choice today because of their enduring nature and strength. The total carat weight is 1/15 ct. tw., though it can double for an additional $600.

The delicate Antique Scroll ring is also available in rose gold, yellow gold, and platinium and to make it more personal, romantic or memorable, you can engrave it for $40.

Other important features are:

-Style: BE241-18KW
-Metal: 18K White Gold
-Average width:2.2 mm
-Rhodium finish:Yes

Brilliant Earth has been providing and selling jewerly and especially rings for years. They have an outstanding experience since then and are amongst the best jewellers in USA. Their collection of wedding rings is as vast as it is beautiful.

For this unique, meaningful and memorable event, you deverve the best service and rings ever. Take this chance and purchase a product from jewerlers who take pleasure in providing wedding rings which have special meaning to a married couple.

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